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June 20th 2018

We’ve shown you our velvets and cotton fabric, and now it’s time to take a look at our wool mix fabric for your finished tapestry. This tough fabric is a great all-rounder and as a backing for tapestry cushions it’s a very practical option.

Starting with the reds, which go from Bright Red JRWR01 through to more the burgundy Wine JRWR05:

The intense colours of the woolly fabric make them ideal as borders and backing for our A-Z Animals series. Shown here is Anna’s A for Ark, which has a 3″ border of Bright Red JRWR01 and contrast piping in Turquoise JRWB04.

Red and turquoise work well with many Jolly Red designs, and we often see the colours used together for Seaside Sampler and Union Jack Russells.

On to the terracottas, with a nice variety from the quiet Hacienda JRWY08 which is good for Camelcade, to pingy Pumpkin JRWY03, often used as piping and backing for Ba-Ba-Bloom and Birds.

Sarah chose warm Clay JRWY02 for her Old English Hen. It picks out the leaves in the border, flowers in the background and the feathers on the hen herself.

View from the top of Sarah’s Hen. Clay is a colour that will go just about anywhere, we definitey recommend it.

One colour, or two? You have the option of choosing a contrast colour for piping or backing. This Magic Circles tapestry has Clay piping and Damson JRWP03 backing.

There are so many combinations for Magic Circles across our wool, cotton and velvet options, and we are constantly surprised by new ideas that Jolly Redders come up with. If you’re on Facebook, take a look at our albums on Jolly Red’s page as they’ll present you with many more examples of exciting colour mixes.

On to the yellows, and Old Gold JRWY01 is the most popular, and is used for many of our designs.

For a neutral yellow, Buttermilk JRWY07 is lovely. Used here on Magic Flowers, it demonstrates that you don’t always need to choose a strong colour for the piping and backing of your tapestry.

On to the greens, from Bright Lime JRWG01 through to Bottle Green JRWG05, and including Teal JRWG06 which as you’d expect is greeny blue…or bluey green. It’s a lovely colour, either on its own or as contrast for Magic Flowers in particular.

Busy in the workshop, and another Old English Hen is ready to go home! This one has Clay JRWY02 piping and Grass JRWG03 backing.

The blues! Indigo JRWB03 is the most popular choice for Love Birds, either all blue or with contrast piping – perhaps a red or gold, if your couple is celebrating a special anniversary?

Indigo JRWB03 is the most popular choice for Love Birds, either all blue or with contrast piping – perhaps a red or gold, if your couple is celebrating a special anniversary?

Love Birds, side view, in blue:

Eileen’s E for Elephant has a turquoise border (3″ all round) with contrast green piping:

Joshua’s Alphabet Ark with mitred border in Navy JRWB05 and contrast piping in Red JRWR06…and…

…backing in Cornflower JRWB01!

A Summer Patchwork with Denim blue JRWB06 for piping and a red backing. As you can see from the picture, other colours could be picked out from the design depending on the colours in your room.

A popular range at the moment – the greys. Use one of the greys on its own, or mix them up for your new grey sofa or armchair.

For Nicola’s Ba-Ba-Birds cushion, she chose Rhino JRWG02 for piping and Charcoal JRWG04 for backing. A very nice combination!

Here we are choosing fabric for a Ba-Ba-Bloom, Black piping and Pumpkin backing

Finally, the purples. The two most popular shades are Dark Lavender JRWP04, and Damson JRWP03. The Dark Lavender is frequently used either as piping or piping and backing for many of our designs for children’s rooms, and Damson is popular for Magic Circles (as seen, above), and Indian Elephant

We used Dark Lavender JRWP04 for Delilah’s gorgeous Butterflies Sampler.

Delilah’s Butterflies again, view from the top:

Availability of particular colours/fabric Please email kelly@jollyred.co.uk or call Jolly Red on 01460 281111 if you need to check that a particular colour is in stock.

Fabric swatches (UK only) Email us if  you’d like us to send you any particular swatches, or call on 01460 281111 to have a chat about a tapestry that you’ve finished, or even an old one that could do with a bit of a revamp. We see lots of tapestries here in our Isle Brewers hideaway and can often recommend colours and fabric that we’ve seen work very successfully before.

Getting in touch, visiting us If you’d like to come in and choose fabric in person, you’ll be pleased to know that we welcome visitors to our Isle Brewers workshop but we ask that you call us first rather than just turn up. That way we’ll clear plenty of table space near the fabrics and make sure that we allocate enough time for you. If we stray from this tried and tested system people have a tendency to turn up at the same time!

Visitors to our Somerset HQ will know that we have quite a lot of our woolly fabric in stock, as we bulk bought last year. Our once fairly spacious kitchen has become a mini fabric warehouse. “What made you buy all that fabric at once?” we hear you ask. Well, the manufacturer ‘merged’ with another company…so we anticipate changes to the range of colours available in the future.

For now, all is well but as always we ask for your understanding if a colour is suddenly out of stock. We have plenty of your favourite shades at the moment and we hope they’ll last for a good few years. Sadly we don’t have a crystal ball and it’s hard to predict which colours will continue to be popular or fall out of favour.

Posting your tapestry If you’ll be posting your tapestry to us, take a quick look here at our handy check list. We remind you of important things like checking for missed stitches, resisting the urge to trim down your canvas, and to send your work in by Recorded or Registered post.

Send your tapestry to us at:

Jolly Red Making up Service

Unit 1, Monk’s Dairy Workshops

Isle Brewers



Happy stitching! If you’re out in the garden, remember to pick up your tapestry even if it’s only for 20 minutes at a time. Every stitch helps and will ensure that you finish your tapestry in time for our 20th October deadline. (How was that for a very early and not-too-subtle hint?! Sorry!)

Take care, and we look forward to hearing from you.


PS Stay in the woolly loop! Remember to sign up for our email newsletters if you don’t want to miss out on any secrets, new designs or special discounts. We have a straightforward news policy which is that we only email you when we have genuine news, so we will never bombard you, and we also never pass on your contact details to any other businesses for their own marketing purposes.



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