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June 12th 2016

Attention, please! We’ve spoken before about tapestry frames but as we receive calls and emails every week about tapestry frames we think a refresher course might be in order, to explain the different sizes. The frames that we sell are clip frames (hence the CF< clip frame). With these you don’t need to sew your canvas on to webbing as you do with the more traditional frames. It’s literally clip, clip, clip top and bottom and get the screws sorted out in the corners – and you’re away!

Today, some of our canine friends have decided to demonstrate the suitability of the various sizes of tapestry frames, showing them off with our kits.

Let’s start with the little onesPuppy starter tapestry, over to you with your CF129 12″ clip frame.


As you can see, the 12″ width refers to the inside measurements of the frame. Puppy fits very well onto the 12″ frame, we deliberately get our smaller kits printed onto large pieces of canvas so that small (or not so small) hands can use a frame for their stitching and easily attach the canvas even though the printed design area is only 4″ x 4″. The extra border also gives you lots of space to personalise your design with your leftover wool. Again, the wools shown here with Puppy are the whole skeins that you’ll get with a Puppy kit, always 8 whole skeins.

Next, let’s have a look at a medium, 18″ frame. Here D for Dog, one of our A-Z Animals designs, is trying an 18″ CF189 frame for size. The wool shown is from the actual kit.


Look at that tape measure for a moment, imagine it straightened out a bit, and you’ll see that on the side bars of the frame, the ‘9’ part of the CF129 or CF189 – or CF249 for that matter refers to the outer dimensions of the frame.

But hold on…this is interesting! Here’s our little D for Dog on his 18″ frame, but you can also see how you could squeeze him on to a CF129 12″ frame if you just cut a little bit from the right hand side of the colour blocks:


Now on to the largest frames, our 24″ ones. You can choose from a CF249 and a CF2412.

Here are the lovely Union Jack Russells trying a CF2412 for size. Although the Jack Russells design itself might not be 24″ wide, there’s quite a bit of space around the design which is why for most cushion sized designs you need a 24″ frame rather than an 18″ one.


The CF2412 is the largest frame we stock, anything wider than this and you’ll be taking your partner’s eyes out, or catapulting your pets into the dining room. A 24″ frame is manageable if you get used to balancing one end of your frame onto the arm of a sofa or armchair and working in a ‘one hand under, one hand over’ sort of way. It frees you up to use both hands. This is one of the main advantages of using a frame…more on this subject on another day.

Before we finish, the Christmas Puppies are keen to get in on the act. Well, they are are all drama after all so don’t want to miss out. Here they are showing off a CF249 frame:


The width of the frame is the same as a CF2412 but you don’t see as much top to bottom when you’re stitching. The same thing applies with a CF189 and a CF1812. I hope this helps to answer some of your ‘which frame?’ questions but don’t worry if you’re still confused as we’re on the other end of the phone, on email, and on Facebook and Twitter if you need us.
Happy stitching, and if you decide to try a frame for the first time we really hope you enjoy using it. We wouldn’t be without ours!


PS A word about delivery times We don’t send large parcels (which include frames over 18″ long) on Fridays, as our courier doesn’t collect from us on Fridays. Any tapestry frame orders we receive after 10am on Thursdays will be sent out on the following Monday.

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