Our range of cotton fabric continues to grow. Many of the shades that we stock have a ‘faded bright’ look to them, colours which work well with our designs.

We also have some lovely bright colours so if you’re looking for a clean and crisp finish to your tapestry we should be able to help. Last year we added a new range of cotton with a ‘brushed’ look to them – you’ll find pictures of them towards the end of this blog so please do look at all of our boards.

If you in the UK we can send you fabric swatches to help you decide on the best colours for the backing of your tapestry.

Let’s start with the greens, from quiet Willow JRCG05 through to Bottle Green JRCG06 which is often used for the border and backing of Christmas stocking tapestries.

Yellows, with a close up of Primrose JRCY01 showing the texture of the fabric. Some customers have commented that the fabric looks and feels more like linen.

We used Buttermilk JRCY02 for piping and backing of Margaret’s Ba-Ba-Bloom. What an unusual choice, but it really works!

On to neutral Biscuit JRCB01 through to Brown JRCB05, with two terracottas in between.

Jane stitched her Jolly Hearts tapestry with wool from her yarn stash, having bought a canvas on its own. It looks great with a mitred border in Brick JRCB03 and contrast piping in Sandcastle JRCY03. The colours work so well with Jane’s wools and the cotton fabric provide a nice, crisp finish to Jane’s cushion.

On to the reds, which are good all rounders, and are often teamed with Teal JRCB02 for contrast piping or backing (scroll down a bit for Teal).

Robin JRCR01 and Raspberry JRCR03 are good for the edging and hanging loop on Christmas stockings, and a more practical choice than velvet if your Christmas stockings will be enjoying annual festivities in a warm climate.

Otto’s Seaside Sampler, below, has Robin red mitred border with Primrose piping and blue backing. If the blue we used isn’t in stock, another from the collection would look just as good.

Side view of Otto’s Seaside Sampler. Very smart!

We don’t have a ‘proper purple’ in the cottons, and will continue to seek one out. Aubergine JRCP03 and Damson JRCP05 are most frequently used in our Somerset HQ. Pink JRCP02 and Lavender JRCP04 have a smoother finish to them than the other fabrics shown here and feel more like cambric.

Moving on to the blues, and a quick warning – Bluebell JRCB03 is currently out of stock with the manufacturer and we don’t have much left in our workshop. If it looks as though it’s going to disappear we’ll remove it from this board.

Don’t despair as all of the other blues are equally gorgeous. Duck Egg JRCB04 looks wonderful on our Chick Chick Chicken teacosy, and is used on lots of cushions too.

Here’s our little Pigs and Piglets tapestry, made up into a nice size of cushion with Duck Egg JRCB04 border (3″) and contrast piping in Raspberry JRCR03.

Mary’s Farmyard tapestry stitched for baby Phoenix looks great with a 3″ mitred border in Navy JRCB06, with Primrose JRCY01 yellow piping.

And from the side, very smart!

From cream JRCB01 to Black JRCB05, with some lovely greys between.

Black JRCB05 isn’t exactly a ‘hard’ black as you can see here on this Flying Felines tapestry, with a black border and yellow piping. Yellow piping seems to be quite a thing!

Now we’re moving on to another range of cotton fabric. These are a slightly lighter weight than the ones we’ve just shown but again have a lovely texture.

Some of the neutral shades are good options for a Camelcade tapestry.

Grape JRNC04 was an excellent choice as border and backing for Chris’s Nursery A-Z tapestry:

With Pat’s Butterfly tapestries, we mixed and matched the fabrics using Crystal JRNC05 for Sarah, and Robin JRCR01 for Alys, each with contrast piping.

What a lot of personal touches on Laura’s Mermaid cushion, with Lalo’s name and date of birth in the border, and extra hearts too. We used Bubblegum JRCN06 for the border of the cushion, with Primrose JRCY01piping.

We have just added a range of a gorgeous cottons with a soft, brushed feel. The colours fill the gaps not covered by our other ranges and can be used on their own or combined with the other fabric, for instance as a contrast piping.

To begin we have two new oranges, a magenta and two purples. Please quote the codes if you need us to send you samples for your tapestry.

The two oranges, Carey and Purbeck would work well with Ba-Ba-Bloom and Ditsy Daisies.

On to the greens and blues and we have a new lime green and an emerald. There are three new shades of blue including a royal blue.

The blues are lovely options for border colours on our starter kits, as well as on some of our larger designs – Beside the Sea, Seaside Sampler and Union Jack Russells


Another new range has a canvas feel to it. Again, quote the codes if you’d like any samples. It’s nice to have a bright yellow!

Availability of particular colours/fabric Please email kelly@jollyred.co.uk or call Jolly Red on 01460 281111 if you need to check that a particular colour is in stock.

Posting your tapestry If you’ll be posting your tapestry to us for our making up service, take a quick look here at our handy checklist. We remind you of important things like holding your work up to the light to check for missed stitches and resisting the urge to trim down your canvas.

Please send your work in by Recorded or Registered post.

Send your tapestry to:

Jolly Red Making up Service

Unit 4B, Walronds Park

Isle Brewers



That’s it for now. We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our new and updated range of cotton fabric.

Best wishes,


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