Noah, Puppies, Santa and Dreaming

December 29th 2017

Now for a look at some of the smaller Christmas stockings that you’ve been busily stitching this year. We present a very happy gathering of Noah, Puppies, Santa and Dreaming Christmas stockings.

First up, Puppies Christmas stocking, demonstrating that the name panel has plenty of space for a long name. Annabelle is the name that we sometimes hear of people having trouble squeezing in, but it can be done!

The main part of the canvas in the Jolly Red Christmas stocking kits are printed in full colour. There’s a reference chart too, in case you want to check any areas. The name panel is worked out from a chart, and with this we provide an alphabet along with instructions for planning your panel.

Next, some Noah Christmas stockings, stitched with a mix of plain and rainbow name panels. Bethany’s shows that you don’t have to stitck to traditional Christmas colours, and it looks lovely with yellow edging and dotty lime lining.

Danielle stitched Edgar’s tapestry using her own threads. If you’d like to use your own wool/threads to stitch any of our Christmas stocking kits, use code canvas at the checkout. The price of the kit will be automatically halved and we’ll send you the colour canvas and reference chart, and everything you need to plan your name panel.

Dreaming of Christmas is the first Christmas stocking we designed, and it’s still going strong! It has a lovely mix of traditional Christmas imagery, appealing to all ages.

Santa stocking and Puppies are the same size as Dreaming, so good choices if you are stitching for siblings, or other friends or family members.

Santa stockings with a mix of single colour name panels and colourful rainbow mixes.

Finally, more Dreaming of Christmas tapestries, with velvet edgings.

Coming soon The next addition to our boot shaped Christmas stockings will be a version of the Owls Christmas stocking which we launched last autumn. The new Owls kit should be ready by early spring so stay tuned for news – sign up for our newsletter and we’ll let you know when the kit is ready.







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