Hello, stitchy friends! Today we have two stunning new townhouse designs for you. They are perfect to stitch for your own home or to make as special handmade gifts for any occasion – a big birthday, housewarming, wedding or anniversary.

Townhouse Day (below, left) is inspired by our popular Quilt Houses and Hearts printed canvas. In the new Townhouse design the hearts in the border of Quilt Houses have become leaves and we’ve added popular garden birds in the corners.

We didn’t initially set out to create a pair of designs, but having decided to call the first new design Townhouse Day, it was fitting that another design – Townhouse Night – should accompany it.

With Townhouse Day and Night we’ve enjoyed creating colourful townscapes with the houses. Some of them have been made into semis and apartments, while others have had loft extensions, with dormer windows for extra light in the day and for stargazing at night.

For Townhouse Night, the colour palette may look familiar as the colours we’ve used are mainly those from Patchwork Cat, with a few changes here and there.

One thing to mention about Townhouse Night (and Patchwork Cat) is that the background colour is not black but is in fact a dark bottle green, shade 8906 in Anchor wool (black is shade 9800). In our kits, we often use a different dark shade (bottle green, charcoal or navy) as an alternative to black, especially if it will be the dominant colour within a design. It gives the design a dark look without being too hard, and in the case of 8906 it has a slightly chalky feel so is easier on the eye than shade 9800 would be.

We do hope you enjoy seeing these two new Townhouse Designs and that you’ll enjoy stitching them whether for your own home or as a gift.

We’ll show more Townhouse pictures on our Facebook page soon, and will try to remember to post on Pinterest and Instagram too so do follow us if you can.

For the next few months we’ll be working on more new designs and finishing some that we put to one side a year ago at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Do keep in touch, and send us pictures of your spring stitching as we’d love to see what you’re making.

Stay safe, and happy stitching!

Kelly x

PS Owner of a wool mountain? If you have lots of wool to use up and only need the canvas of either (or both) of the Townhouse designs, use magic word nowoolthankyou at the checkout if ordering online – or if calling us to order, on 01460 281111. The full price of the kit will be halved automatically, and we’ll know to send you the canvas and reference chart but not the wool.