Hello and Happy New Year from all of us at Jolly Red. We hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas, with Santa bringing gift deliveries of the woolly variety!

We still have many dark evenings ahead, so January is the perfect chance to make some real progress with this year’s stitching. If you feel that you may have over-indulged with the mince pies, chocolates and roast potatoes (who didn’t!) you’ll be glad to have a tapestry on the go to take your mind away from thinking of trips to the fridge.

To inspire you in your 2020 stitching, we’ve put together a tiny selection of some of last year’s tapestries. It was a very busy year, particularly in November when our stretching boards were never empty, and we were working round the clock to dry all the canvases – no mean feat in Somerset’s damp autumnal air.

It was great to see and make up new designs such as Beside the Sea, and Animal Ark Christmas stocking among the daily arrivals.

There are many more pictures in our Facebook Albums on our Jolly Red page, which we regularly update. This year we are taking it slowly with the Christmas stockings pictures so that we don’t bombard you with too many images all at once.

Here are Magaret’s three Christmas stockings – Owls, Toy Box and Silent Night – which she stitched in 2019, a fantastic achievement as she and her husband and dog Benny all moved house in the same year too, to be closer to daughter Helen. We hope that having the stockings to stitch helped to ease the stress of moving!

We always enjoy seeing the clever ways that you personalise your tapestries. These two Ba-Ba-Blooms, stitched for sisters Rose and Sophie were gorgeous.

Barbara stitched a Congratulations tapestry to celebrate her friends’ Carol and Joe’s 50th wedding anniversary.

She left out the houses, flowers and hearts in the top and bottom borders so that she could add extra lettering.

We saw lots of small tapestries to be used as panels in larger cushions. Susan’s Indian Elephants looked lovely with their velvet borders.

QL Indian Elephants

Here they are, viewed from the side. What superb colours! Again, please do take a look at our Facebook Page if you can as we have lots more pictures there.

We are getting back to normal in the workshop now, so do send in any tapestries that you finished in December – why not surprise Sarah by being one of the first people this year to send in a Christmas stocking!

Best wishes as always. Happy stitching and we wish you a happy and healthy New Year,

Kelly and team x