Visiting season

July 23rd 2016

As many of you know, we don’t keep to 9-5 hours in our workshop. Nor are we an actual shop in the traditional sense, although we do welcome visitors if you wouldn’t mind letting us know in advance the day that you’re likely to be coming in. You’d be amazed at how frequently several people choose the same day for their visit, and on such days we like to make sure that we can devote time to each of you rather than have everyone turn up at the same time, with driving partners sneaking glances at their watches.

Perhaps you have a tapestry that you’ve finished, and you’d like to choose fabric and colours for the backing? Or maybe you’d like to pick up your next tapestry project – particularly if you are heading off on holiday. What could be nicer!

Give us a quick call on 01460 281111 so that we can make sure you don’t have a wasted journey. If the sun’s out we might be on a photo shoot, and if it’s snowy…we’d almost certainly be on a Christmas photo shoot. Not much chance of that in Somerset!

There are a few landmarks to watch out for in Isle Brewers, and once you see these you know you’re pretty close. First off, there’s Eddie’s garage. Occasionally we mention to visitors that we’re near a garage with petrol pumps outside and they arrive late, flustered, having been watching out for Fleet Services or such like. This is rural Somerset, so you’ll have to make do with a thatched roof with peacocks, and lovely old fuel pumps.


Opposite the garage is a bank of willow trees, and to the right of them is the village stone, photographed here on a sunny day in spring.


Down the side of the stone there’s a narrow lane…follow that and hey presto, you’ll find us. Your satnav will probably pack up round about here so if you give us a call we’ll talk you through the last bit.

We look forward to seeing you and it’d not that bad really – we’re half way between Yeovil and Taunton, so not really the wilderness.





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Kind words from happy customers

Margaret, Cambs.

"My son John is so pleased with the teacosy made for his 50th birthday. He liked the personal touches (name, initials and date). He will be able to continue his British tea ceremony in America especially when watching Wimbledon." - Margaret, Cambs.

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