Unicorn hunting in Somerset

April 1st 2017

It’s holiday season. We have blue skies, blossom, and sunshine too so it’s a great time for outdoor adventures. Here in Somerset there is so much to see and do, and we often give advice over the phone to Jolly Red customers about places they might like to visit if they’re going to be coming in to see us on tapestry business.

Over the coming months we’ll be sharing with you some of our favourite places that aren’t too far from our Isle Brewers HQ, giving you a taster of each place – but not so much that it spoils your visit.

First up, the wonderful Montacute House which is not far from Yeovil or Ilminster on the A303. We visited last weekend on a perfect spring morning. Even the wibbly wobbly hedge was smiling!

We turned up early to top up weekend supplies from Montacute’s Farmers’ Market. Personal recommendation: courgette and lime cake from the cake lady. Delicious!

What a busy hub Montacute was, with runners finishing the Park Run on the grounds. No run for us as we needed our energy to walk our friends’ dog . That’s our excuse, anyway!

Visiting Montacute early in the season is wonderful. Everything is so very green, waiting to burst into colour!

Soon the March flower beds (above) will be aglow with colour as you can see (below), pictured on another visit last summer:

In the house there’s so much to see, such as fabuolus stained glass windows.

In the upper gallery, some of Montacute’s volunteers dress up in Tudor costumes, adding to the atmosphere.

Any textiles enthusiast will be drawn to the room containing The Goodhart  Samplers, some of which are on display.  I’d definitely recommend buying the Goodhart Samplers book during your visit, as it is a real treat and includes details of many samplers not on show at Montacute.

The samplers are displayed in one room in cubicle style areas which I imagine can get a bit congested at busy times of the year, another reason to go early (or maybe late?) in the day if you can.

At the beginning we said that we won’t spoil your visit by showing too many pictures. We did spot a unicorn in one of the rooms. We hope you’ll enjoy finding it on your visit.






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