Hands in the air, and a big wave to Father Christmas as he arrives on a steam train to deliver the Christmas tree for the toys in the nursery. It’s the turn of our Toy Box Christmas stocking to bask in the festive limelight.

Toy Box is one of our larger shaped Christmas stocking kits, a good companion for Angels, Christmas Alphabet, Fairytale, Owls and Silent Night.  As with all Jolly Red stocking kits, there’s room to stitch a long name in the name panel. Names don’t come much longer than Christopher, whose stocking looks wonderful with bright red velvet for edging and backing.

Toy Box has a lovely mix of traditional childhood imagery. Humpty Dumpty makes an appearance next to the rag doll, and there’s a rocking horse, a toy car and a teddy bear in the foot part of the stocking below the train tracks.

Above Santa and the Christmas tree is a shelf of wooden toys – a house, and Ark and a fort.

The first months of a new year are the perfect time to start stitching for next Christmas. Here in the UK, we are guaranteed many more cold and dark nights!

Happy stitching, and Happy New Year!