Ah, lovely autumn! With the shorter days and cosy evenings, now is a wonderful time to stitch a special gift for a 2017 wedding or anniversary.

Big dates have a way of creeping up on us all. By starting now (or at least some time this year!) you’re giving yourself plenty of time to make a tapestry – large or small – and have it framed or turned into a cushion in time for your couple’s big day.

To inspire you, we’ve put together a selection of tapestries that we’ve made into cushions for weddings and anniversaries, starting with Sue’s Congratulations tapestry. The design has a folk art feel, and would look good in both a modern and a traditional home . Sue has included the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date in the two spaces provided.

Congratulations tapestry

Tim and Jules are nice short names, but what can you do if the names of your couple are too long to include in the space on Congratulations? No problem, just use the couple’s initials instead.


Incidentally, you can see from these photographs that Congratulations looks great whether it’s made into a small cushion – possibly a ring cushion? – or a larger cushion, with an extra border around it.

Here’s a side view of the larger Congratulations, showing off its mitred border. We used two cotton fabrics for the making up, a duck egg blue for the border and backing and cream for piping.


Another popular cushion for weddings is our Love Birds tapestry, shown here made into a cushion with charcoal wool blend piping. There is more space on Love Birds to add names and a date or a message, than there is on Congratulations, and the design itself is slightly larger too.

As with Congratulations, the design has traditional elements but is not too frilly!

Love Birds tapestry

You can stitch Love Birds for a wedding, civil partnership, or for a special anniversary as Jane did for her own 10th wedding anniversary.

Love Birds

A hearts themed tapestry is a great option if you want to stitch something romantic but not necessarily ‘weddingy’. We have hearts tapestry kits, as well as a growing range of specially printed canvas only options so you can choose your own palette of colours for your couple.

Barbara left out some of the Hearts from her Jolly Hearts tapestry, to add a personalised panel for Ellie and Nathan.

Barbara's Jolly Hearts

If you don’t have a lot of time before the big day, it’s worth remembering that even a small tapestry will be appreciated by your happy couple. A starter tapestry kit (the main area of which measures 4″ x 4″) can be stitched in a weekend, and personalised to celebrate a milestone anniversary and make a really cute cushion.

Here’s Russell and Jane’s The Big Day cushion, with an extra border of text for the names and dates. There is a 3″ border of blank canvas around the printed area on our starter kit canvases, so ample room for an extra border of text.

Top tip: Remember not to go too close to the edge as some blank canvas is needed for stretching or framing!

The Big Day

We have an album ‘For Lovebirds’ on Facebook with many more pictures so take a look there for examples of wonderful tapestries that other stitchers have made.

For now, happy stitching. And remember, that 2017 date really will come round quickly!