A big hello! Our range of tapestry kits for dog lovers continues to grow so we’ve rounded up our doggie designs here in one place for you. With so many kits to choose from, we hope you’ll enjoy selecting your next tapestry project, large or small.

We have dog themed designs for needlepoint specs cases or small cushions/pillows, as well as larger designs for full size cushions. If you’re celebrating a new arrival in your family you can stitch a special celebration tapestry, or perhaps a Christmas stocking. New pooch in the family? How about a stocking for him or her this Christmas?!

TIP! As you read through, click on any of the links as they appear for more details of the kit contents for each tapestry design, including canvas size and gauge and the kit price. If you are thinking of purchasing a tapestry frame, we also give advice on which size of tapestry frame to buy. It’s all there, alongside the kit information.

Starting with some of our tapestry kits which make full-sized cushions, we have The Tennis Ball Thief, Pupstars and Union Jack Russells.The Tennis Ball Thief is our fond salute to William Morris’s Strawberry Thief design, and in our interpretation we show Jack Russell terriers pursuing one of their favourite pastimes, chasing tennis balls! We do love Jack Russells, and they crop up all over the place in our kits.

Our vibrant Union Jack Russells is a tapestry dedicated solely to Jack Russells. By contrast, there are Jack Russells, collies, Westies, pugs and doodles galore in our Pupstar Pals tapestry.

dog tapestry kit

Small dogs lend themselves to a small tapestry, and our Dachshund Stripes is the perfect design for a lover of these diminutive dogs. Like Pop Art Puppies, Dachshund Stripes can be made into the centre of a cushion or bag, or folded in half to create a very handy specs case.

TIP! If you are new to tapestry and contemplating your first project, a small kit such as Dachshund Stripes or Pop Art Puppies is ideal. These designs are absorbing and you’ll gain confidence as you stitch, and their small size (approx. 7.5″ x 7.5″) will inspire you to keep stitching.
dachshund dog tapestry kit

We have recently added two more cuties, Dachshunds Blue and Jolly Jack Russells to our range of small tapestry kits for dog lovers.

ANOTHER TIP! If you’re travelling or staying with friends, a small kit is great to take with you. Remember to pack a tapestry clip frame if you like to use on, a CF189 – 18″ frame – is ideal.

Birth Sampler tapestries We have a wonderful selection of tapestry kits to stitch for a baby or young child, with room to include a name and date of birth. Our cushion-sized tapestry kits in this range have an alphabet border, and some also incorporate numbers in the borders.

Alphabet Ark is a fabulous tapestry design in rainbow colours, perfect for an animal-themed nursery. There is a jigsaw-style border of a-z letters, with numbers along the lower edge. And among the animals, a little terrier makes a cheeky appearance. You’ll spot him by the camel.

ABC 123 has an alphabet border, and the pictures within the design encourage a young child to count. Starting with one elephant, through to four windows on the house, eight apples on the tree, and finally ten spots on the dalmatian. Alphabet Cats and Dogs shows cats and dogs resting, hiding and bouncing around at play. Among the dogs featured in Alphabet Cats and Dogs you’ll find a watchful collie, a leaping black Labrador (who must have spotted some food!), and an endearing Basset Hound

tapestry kits for animal dog lovers

The designs below are three of a series of four, the fourth one being Dinosaur Sampler. All four of these kits can be found here in our Kits with Alphabets section.

The three tapestry kits below contain lots of animals, with a dog making an appearance in each. A collie is ready for duty on our Farmyard Sampler tapestry, and in Beside the Sea a black Labrador is waiting to chase a ball, help fly the little boy’s kite…or, more likely, tuck into everyone’s packed lunches while their backs are turned.

Last but not least, in Noah’s Ark Sampler the animlas are rejoicing at being on dry land. And there between the cat and the rabbit is a little Jack Russell! Measuring 8″ x 10″, these are lovely medium-sized kits with lots of detail in each. They are great tapestries to make into cushions, or frame as pictures.

farmyard Noah sampler tapestry kit dog lovers

Christmas stockings As well as our kits for birth samplers, cushion and specs cases, we have a wonderful collection of Christmas stocking tapestry kits for animal lovers. TIP! Jolly Red’s Christmas stockings range includes two different stocking shapes so check that you are choosing all the same shape/size if you plan to stitch for siblings as different sizes may cause problems or arguments!

Puppies is in the slightly smaller of the two sizes and more of a traditional ‘boot’ shape. Puppies features one of the Queen’s corgis rehearsing for his local panto, and enjoying the limelight in his Santa outfit. Cats and Dogs Christmas stocking is in the larger size, and shows cute canine and feline characters including a dog dressed up as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, a Westie pulling a cart laden with gifts, and a Santa dod disappearing down a chimney with an angel cat flying in the starry night sky.

We are also showing the lower section of our Owls and Woodland Owls Christmas stockings, because once again a Jack Russell has managed to find his way into the design! You’ll find the Owls designs and the other Christmas stockings in our Christmas tapestry kits section, Woodland Owls in the smaller shape and Owls in the larger.

Christmas stocking puppies dog lovers tapestry kit

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our dog themed tapestry kits, and we will update as we bring out new designs. If you need help or advice on any aspect of our kits, send a message on our contact form or call us in our Somerset tapestry den on 01460 281111. We are always happy to help.

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Happy stitching!


PS Once you’ve finished your stitching, our team of skilled sewing ladies can add the finishing touches to your tapestry. Current prices are here on our Making up Service page. Call us if you’d like us to pop some fabric suggestions in the post for your woolly masterpiece!