Tapestry for a handmade wedding

August 11th 2017

Stitching a tapestry for a wedding or anniversary is a real pleasure, on many levels. For you the stitcher, there’s the enjoyment of creating it and while doing so you are filled with the quiet satisfaction of creating a unique gift that will last for very many years. For your special couple they will have the pleasure – and often complete surprise too! – of receiving a wonderful and very personal handmade gift.

The most popular wedding and anniversary kits in our range are Love Birds and Congratulations, so today we’ll take a look at some wonderful Jolly Redders’ tapestries. They may well inspire you to start stitching. If you already have an invitation for a spring 2018 wedding, now’s the time to start stitching!

To start us off on our wedding tour, Jodie and Tony’s Love Birds, made into a cushion with mid green border and backing and bottle green velvet piping.

Close up of Jodie and Tony’s Love Birds tapestry. It’s nice to have the two clear areas for text, as they are make it easy to plan. Charts, alphabets and instructions are provided with all of kits that incorporate a name panel as part of the design.

Love Birds again, but this time with a different look. Kate and Peter’s Love Birds has been finished with two shades of our wool blend fabric, old gold for the border and red piping. It’s amazing to see the difference that a particular border colour can make, and how it can work to bring out the colour/s in the design that you want to emphasise.

For a slightly smaller project, Congratulations is perfect. If you’d like a project that stitches up even more quickly a starter kit has space around the border for a couple’s names and a date to be added. Sue, who stitched both of the cushions below, fit in an impressive amount of text around Sarah and William’s The Big Day tapestry.

Side views of Sue’s two tapestries, each made up in two shades of cotton fabric.

Top tip! Ric and Anna’s Congratulations again, and at this point it’s worth mentioning that if one or both of the names of our couple are very long, you can dispense with the names and use the couple’s initials instead.

Sarah and William’s The Big Day cushion, made into a cushion with lavender border, and navy piping and backing.

And, illustrating our top tip about using initials, a very smart Congratulations tapestry stitched for ‘A H & K P’, and made up with navy mitred border, piping and backing.

Top tip! Congratulations would make a wonderful ring cushion for your couple, with space under the heart for ribbon.

If you are a prolific stitcher and have amassed a lot of spare wool, you can buy a printed canvas on its own. If your couple is moving into a new house or setting up their first home together, then Celebration Hearts and Houses could be the design for you.

Charlie and Alice’s Celebration cushion looks wonderful, with its rainbow name and date panel.

The pictures that we’ve shown you here today are only a small selection of the wedding tapestries that we’ve made up over the years. If you’re a Facebook person you might enjoy looking at some of the photos in our Facebook Albums.

You may decide that you don’t want to stitch a tapestry that’s too ‘weddingy’, in which case Tree of Life or Queen of Hearts could fit the bill.

We hope we’ve given you lots of inspiration to start you stitching for your family or friends’ big day, or anniversary!










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