Shining Star winners

June 6th 2020

Hello everybody, and we hope you’re well. We’ve been so lucky to have been able to continue to work in our tapestry workshop since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s involved some split shifts and some very long hours to ensure that we operate within the distancing guidelines, but we’ve done it…just!

A few weeks ago we had a big tidy up and unearthed seven old Shining Star canvases, a design which hasn’t been in our starter kit range for a while. With its little house, shining star and rainbow striped borders the design suddenly seems very topical.

Continuing with our spring clean we found Shining Star packaging labels too.

We decided to add the necessary rainbow wool and offer these spontaneous seven canvases as complete kits to some of our Facebook followers if they commented on the Shining Star kit, and liked our page. We all need a bit of cheering up right now!

What a response we received! Thank you so much to everyone who liked our post and commented. All of the names have been carefully checked and written down.

Choosing the winning names In normal circumstances we’d ask our postmen and couriers to pick names from a hat but in June 2020 that’s not possible, as we are all keeping our 2m distance. After some consideration, Mrjollyred was given the task of selecting the seven winners…except now there are rather more than seven winners.

Why’s that? We were so moved by the Facebook comments of people’s personal lockdown experiences that we recreated the original Shining Star artwork, and sent it to our printer in Devon.

We are now delighted to be able to send 30 kits rather than the initial 7, to winners picked at random. The 30 winners are named and numbered below.

What to do if you see your name Please send an email to to include your name as it appears on Facebook, your number (1-30) as shown in the list below, and – importantly – your address. We’ll send a complete Shining Star kit to you as soon as the new batch of canvases arrives from our printer.

Here we go! Congratulations to the following winners, and thank you for taking part in our Shining Star giveaway:

  1. Fiona Jones
  2. Kathryn Rubio
  3. Trish Russell
  4. Kay Hawkins
  5. Marcia Rappa Hoffman
  6. Dee Dee Kramer
  7. Sharon Tunnah
  8. Holly Perry
  9. Sarah Boustead
  10. Claire Madder
  11. Lindsay Scrivener
  12. Frances Mitchell
  13. Natasha Gilyard
  14. Sara Hicks
  15. Paula Barry
  16. Jo Dodd
  17. Sian Holland Clarke
  18. Chrissie Morris
  19. Kitty Webb
  20. Judith Webb
  21. Victoria Ulph
  22. Bexie Brave Fleming
  23. Jean Yvonne Kirby
  24. Clare Wright
  25. Sara Wake
  26. Kelly Scott
  27. Pam Caines
  28. Sarah Robertson
  29. Nicola Leigh-Firbank
  30. Mandy Webb

We wondered about involving Albus, our office manager, in the draw but he wasn’t very enthusiastic about it!

Take care everyone, and happy stitching!

Kelly x

PS We haven’t forgotten about our newsletters, but we just haven’t had time to put one together in the last few months. We’ll be back with a newsletter update as soon as we can!

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Margaret, Cambs.

"My son John is so pleased with the teacosy made for his 50th birthday. He liked the personal touches (name, initials and date). He will be able to continue his British tea ceremony in America especially when watching Wimbledon." - Margaret, Cambs.

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