Jack Russells Pink


Jack Russells Pink is a jolly gang of Jack Russell dogs and puppies. Choose this printed tapestry canvas (no wool included) if you have reds, oranges, pink or other warm shades of wool to use up.

TOP TIP: Create a striped background if you have more than one shade in your wool stash.

Jack Russells Pink is a printed tapestry canvas of jolly Jack Russell terriers. This canvas is the same design as our Jolly Jack Russells tapestry kit but with a pink background for those of you who have warm shades of wool to use up, either as one block of colour or in stripes or any other way according to your available wool stocks.

Jack Russells Pink is a wonderful tapestry to stitch for yourself or for a dog-loving friend or relative.

Once stitched, your Jack Russells Pink canvas can be framed as a picture, made it into the centre panel of a cushion, or folded to make a spectacles case.

No wools are sent with this printed canvas, it is a printed canvas only design.

Design Size and Canvas Information (hpi)

Colour printed canvas (12hpi)

Printed canvas area: 7.5” x 7.5” (19.5cm x 19.5cm)

As with all Jolly Red canvases, we are generous with the border width around the design area. Total canvas size: 13" x 13" (33cm x 33cm), with at least 1.5" all around the design that can be used to extend the design by adding a name and date or other text/patterns (optional).

Choosing  a Tapestry Frame

A tapestry frame is not essential but using one will help to prevent your work from going out of shape. Using a frame also makes it easy to resume stitching the next day or after a break.

We stock a range of British made no-sew tapestry clip frames which take only a few minutes to assemble. The canvas is attached by sturdy clips, allowing you to remove your canvas and switch between projects if necessary.

What size of tapestry frame? For  Jack Russells PInk a CF129 (12" frame) will be a bit of a squeeze and you'd have to trim the sides of the canvas down a bit to fit it on such a small tapestry frame, so we recommend either an 18" frame CF189 or a 21" CF219. These wider tapestry frames would also enable you to stitch larger projects in the future.

See all frame options in our Tapestry Frames and Accessories category.