Today we have two new specs case tapestry designs for you, Whirligigs and Birds in a Tree. We photographed them last week and Jolly Campervans insisted on being involved too, so don’t worry if you can count three specs cases in our picture!

Over the years some customers have asked about stitching some of their favourite designs “in another size”. Magic Circles is one of the requested designs, and the new Whirligigs is a mini interpretation of the larger cushion design. As always in the world of graph paper designing, it’s not just a case of shrinking the original. It’s back to working it out square by square, and in this case figuring out the optimum size to suit specs case dimensions, bearing in mind that the design needs to be folded neatly in half if it is to become a specs case.

Tree of Life is another popular design that we are asked about. Did you see last month’s blog post when we showed seven Tree of Life tapestries, all in the workshop at the same time to be made into cushions? That was amazing!

The new Birds in a Tree is a nod in the direction of Tree of Life, and would make a perfect gift for any wildlife lover or bird watcher…that’s pretty much anyone we know!

Specs case designs are great projects to stitch. They don’t take too long, grow quickly, and their small size makes them ideal projects to take on holiday or have with you if you travel around a lot. Most people wear glasses of some description so a gift a specs case will always be appreciated!

Let’s have a quick look back at other designs that make good specs cases. Shown below are: Indian Elephants, Flying Felines, Pigs and Piglets and Alhambra Stars. You can see from Alhambra Stars that there’s usually space to personalise with a name and/or date even in our small designs.

Pop Art Puppies is a good design for dog lovers, seen here with an Alhambra Stars:

What’s in a kit? Our specs case kits come with the following kit contents: colour printed canvas, a generous supply of Anchor tapestry wool, reference chart, needle and stitching instructions and have a glossy rope-handled red bag for you to keep your wool in as you stitch.

Before we go, let’s have another look at Whirligigs and Birds in a Tree:

All of these designs also lend themselves to being made into the centre of a larger cushions, or a panel in a tapestry bag.

That’s all for now. We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the Birds in a Tree and Whirligigs, and look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


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