Spring is a busy time of year for stitchers who like to get a head start on their festive projects. If you’ll be going on holiday or visiting friends and family a tapestry is the ideal project to accompany you on your adventures.

Today we bring you two gorgeous new tapestry kits, each with an alphabet theme. Patchwork Alphabet is a 12″ x 12″ tapestry on 10 holes per inch canvas for you to stitch for a new arrival in the family, and Magic of Christmas A-Z is a reworking of our popular Christmas Alphabet tapestry, again on 10 holes per inch canvas.

We are thrilled at how well these tapestries look together. They would be lovely to stitch as a pair!

Let’s have a closer look at Patchwork Alphabet. The main design has 25 separate patchwork areas.

Hold on a minute, aren’t there 26 letters in the alphabet? Yes, there are – thank you for pointing that out – but in Patchwork Alphabet the ‘g’ for goldfish and ‘h’ for house are sharing a space, having a house share!

What do the letters stand for on Patchwork Alphabet? Well, we have an apple followed by some bricks and a car. Then there’s a dinosaur, and elephant, a flower and a fish. The fish is chatting with the goldfish. Then we have a house and a heart, an igloo, a juggler, a kite, a lion, a moon (and stars), and a nest with a little blackbird. There’s an owl on a branc, a pencil, a queen, a rabbit and a rainbow, stars, a tortoise, an umbrella, a vase of flowers, a wizard, a skull and cross bones from a treasure map, a yacht, and finally, a zebra.

The border is patterned with stripes and spots and we’ve kept the colours in the top and bottom borders quite pale for those of you who might like to personalise your border with a name and a date.

Patchwork Alphabet is the perfect birth tapestry to stitch if you want to make a special cushion for a child but would prefer not to work out a central name panel.

Now for a closer look at Magic Of Christmas, the latest addition to our Christmas stocking tapestry kits in the larger shape.

What do the letters stand for on Magic of Christmas? Magic of Christmas A-Z is a feast of festive imagery! From ‘a’ through to ‘z’ we have an angel, a baby in his bed, a Christmas pudding, a donkey and an elephant, Father Christmas, a goose, a sprig of holly and a heart, some ice, a jack-in-the-box and three kings following the light.

Then there’s music, noel, an orange tree, some presents, a queen (again ♥), a robin, a snowman and a star on a tree, an umbrella, a sleeping village, windows in a house, a xylophone, a yule log and finally zzz…a tired child in bed at the end of the day!

Here’s our original Christmas Alphabet, below. It’s quite good fun to spot the differences and the similarities between Christmas Alphabet and Magic of Christmas A-Z.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our new tapestry designs. If you’ve just remembered that you have a tapestry to send to us for our Making up Service, please send it to us at the address below or contact us if you’d like us to send you some fabric samples before you head to the post office.

Happy stitching – and happy April!

Kelly x

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