Hello cat lovers! Our new Bouncin’ Blue Cats tapestry kit has come to join in the woolly fun, as friends for our Jumpin’ Jack Cats tapestry.

Jumpin’ Jack Cats is a fantastic tapestry design, with its perfect balance of patterned and plain areas. However, sometimes one colourway isn’t enough and we thought you might enjoy a second colour option. With this in mind, we created Bouncin’ Blue Cats.

When we started work on the new colourway, we did more than just change the background colour. A lot of tinkering about was involved, as well as squite a bit of unpicking! For Bouncin’ Blue Cats we settled on a denim shade of blue which is tonally similar to the blue in Jumpin’ Jack Cats, to maintain the mood and feel of Jumpin’ Jack Cats. We’ve swapped some of the accent shades of Jumpin’ Jack Cats to include more greys, and introduced a lovely heathery colour. Look closely and you’ll see that some of the cats’ markings are diferent too.

We do hope you like the new colourway, and here are Jumpin’ Jack Cats and Bouncin’ Blue Cats together. Each tapestry works well on its own, and Jumpin’ Jack Cats and Bouncin’ Blue Cats would also look great stitched as a pair in a not-too-matching kind of a way.

Cat tapestry kits

Here is the side view of the two cat cushions, showing off their piping. We used charcoal for Jumpin’ Jack Cats and a blue for Bouncin’ Blue Cats. You can see all of our fabric ranges for making up tapestry cushions on our blog.

two cat tapestry kits

Bouncin’ Blue Cats kits, poised and ready to bounce out to cat-loving stitchers!

Bouncin' Blue Cats tapestry kit

That’s all for now. We hope you like the new cats, and we’ll be back soon with news of another new design which is very nearly ready for you.

Happy stitching, and we hope you’re feeling bright and bouncy with the lovely spring sunshine we’ve been enjoying this week.

Kelly x

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