Hooray for a spot of early spring stitching! Our new Blossom Birds are ready for sunshine and warmer days – perfect conditions for nest building.

Blossom Birds

We do hope you like our newest needlepoint, which is a natural progression from our already popular Birds in a Tree. Almost as soon as we launched Birds in a Tree, the cogs started to turn and we thought that a larger version of it would be a good idea. If only it were as simple as adding a few extra birds and branches at the sides, but it rarely works out quite like that.

So it was back to the drawing board for Blossom Birds, to work out the best size for the new tapestry. Once that was settled on, it was out with the ruler to then calculate the size and angles of the lozenge branch shapes that the birds are standing facing one another in. Who knew the process was so mathematical!

We decided a border would be good for our new cushion sized birds (we do love a border in our tapestries!) so took that into account as well.

As the design progressed, it occurred to us that Blossom Birds would make a fantastic design to stitch for a special occasion – wedding, anniversary, civil partnership, new home. Everyone likes birds, and everyone likes trees. Our birds look very optimistic, cheerful and quite romantic too…or maybe that’s spring sunshine, filling our head with such notions!

We started to think about softening the border a little and maybe bringing in a floral element, and added sprigs of blossom to the design. Blossom Birds emerged!

After a false start in which the colours weren’t quite right, the final colours in the design are lovely and bright. You’ll see that we’ve left blank areas among the blossom for any lettering or dates to be stitched in if necessary.

Here’s the view from the bottom of the canvas showing blank space, suitable for lettering:

And from the top, with space for names or a message. It’s not compulsory, just an idea!

*Pause for a moment*…we have more to say here, but this blog post is coinciding with the mailing of our email newsletter and we want to make sure it reaches you before the weekend.

Here’s why we’re not quite finished – cute puppy alert! Facebook friends will know that we have a canine distraction in the workshop at the moment so some things are taking a little longer than usual to get done!

Now that the pup is once again sleeping, it’s all systems go! The wool and canvases have arrived and we’re packing Blossom Birds kits right now, ready to post out on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend and we hope you’re enjoying extra time indoors getting a head start on your Christmas stitching.

Kelly x

PS Please do continue to send in your completed canvases for our making up service. The news changes on a daily basis, but we’d like to keep things as normal as possible for as long as we can. Thank you, and stay safe everyone!