We are delighted to be able to reveal our our new Noah’s Ark themed Christmas stocking, Animal Ark.

Animal Ark has taken a long time to evolve, after several earlier versions. We already have a small Noah’s Ark design – Noah’s Christmas – but designing is never quite as straightforward as transferring the elements of one design into another. Wouldn’t it be boring if life was that simple, and anyway we wanted the new Ark to be completely different to the first one.

Last Christmas I finally had a breakthrough with the new Ark design as I decided there was something the new Christmas stocking needed – sunshine! A new, lighter palette emerged bringing with a fresh feel.

In the new Animal Ark design, there are no stormy seas or rough waves. Instead it’s a calm Christmas day. Santa has delivered all his gifts so now he can relax and visit Noah and Mrs. Noah and all the animals. The Ark is on dry land and the animals are outside, enjoying the fresh air.

There was only room on our Animal Ark for one breed of dog, so Noah and Mrs Noah made the wise move to take a Jack Russell terrier with them. We have a black labrador on Noah’s Christmas but I’m afraid he wasn’t invited on to the new Ark because he kept eating all the food on the other one!

In response to requests from our Danish friends to include rabbits in our designs, there’s a grey one hopping about behind the Jack Russell.

We hope our American pals will enjoy seeing a turkey. Ours is ecstatic to be outdoors in the sunshine on Christmas day, having survived Thanksgiving!

Here’s the complete Ark, in its full glory. We enlisted the help of our Facebook friends to help us to choose a name to stitch on the stocking, and narrowed it down to a few favourites. Monty ended up as the winner and we think it was Maureen who suggested the name so we’ll be in touch with her to sort out a prize.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Facebook fun. We’ll ask for your help whenever we’re stuck for a name as you came up with some great ideas.

We have two different sizes of Christmas stocking tapestry kits. Animal Ark is in the larger of our two stocking shapes, so is a new option to consider if you’ve already stitched Angels, Fairytale, Toy Box, Christmas Alphabet, Owls, Silent Night or Cats and Dogs for other members of the same family.

We do hope you’ll enjoy stitching the newest arrival in our ever-increasing range of Christmas stockings.

Have a great weekend, and happy stitching.


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