Hooray, more needlepoint dogs! Our new Jolly Jack Russells tapestry kit is perfect for autumn stitching. If you’ve enjoyed the Tennis Ball Thief, these chaps will be their perfect companions. In our new tapestry the playful Jack Russells have taken their tennis balls out onto the grass.

All they need now is a willing volunteer to throw the ball…

We have also added a new version of Dachshund Stripes, this time with dachshunds set against a plain blue background. We’ve made this variation for stitchers who would like a plain background rather than the stripes. The blue is just the job, so we have Jolly Jack Russells out on the grass and Dachshunds Blue against the sky.

Complete kit or canvas only? Do remember that you have the option to order either the complete kit or the printed canvas (with reference chart) minus the wool if you have lots of wool from previous projects that you’d like to use up. The price on the left (£17.50) is the canvas only price and on the right is the full kit price (£35) with all the Anchor wool included.

We normally launch new designs via our email newsletter and have been waiting for weeks for the right time to announce our new Jack Russells. The scorching summer did not lend itself to tapestry newsletters although we did enjoy some great photo opportunity moments, and our recycled potting bench came in very handy when we photographed the dog cushions.

August was endlessly hot and we figured that as most people were outdoors, catching up with friends and family or on holiday they could easily miss their newsletter.

We decided to hold back and wait until after the new prime minister had taken office. This would be perfect timing as early September is traditionally the start of the pre-Christmas stitching season. We were just getting ready with our newsletter and then came the very sad news about the death of our Queen. The mood has changed, we all feel a bit deflated and a little subdued, and it doesn’t seem right to send a newsletter.

That said, we have a healthy stock of Jolly Jack Russells who are very keen to find new homes. The kits are ready and the design is such a cute size that you have time to stitch it for Christmas if you have a dog-loving friend who you know would appreciate them, or perhaps you’d like to stitch them for yourself.

Happy stitching and best wishes at this difficult time,

Kelly x

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