The first months each year are very busy ones in the tapestry world. Tapestry is the perfect hobby for cosy winter evenings in front of the TV, or to enjoy while listening to an audio book. Snuggle up and stitch, and make the most of this time indoors!

If you’ve finished a tapestry, you will be pleased to know that our sewing ladies are working again after their festive break. Now is a great time to send your finished canvas to us, and you can find details here on our Making up Service page.

making up service tapestry cushions

If you’re planning to stitch a Christmas stocking this year, the sooner that you get started the better! We have fifteen Christmas stocking tapestry kits in our range. There are two styles, one of which is slightly larger than the other. Approximately half are shorter and have a ‘boot’ shaped foot, and the others are slightly longer.

Below are some of last year’s fabulous Christmas stockings, photographed before they were packed and ready to go home. Don’t they look wonderful together! These are all in the larger shape, From the left we have Owls, Fairytale, Silent Night, Toy Box, Silent Night, Angels and Animal Ark.

Tapestry Christmas stockings

If you need any help or advice about your next project, or if you’d like to discuss fabric options for a completed tapestry give us a call on 01460 281111, or send us a message on our contact form.

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Stay cosy, and happy stitching!

Kelly x