We have been so delighted with the response to our Apple Tree Wedding tapestry that we launched earlier this year that we have added a new colourway for you. Apple Season Wedding includes some adorable autumnal tweaks.

Apple Tree Wedding was immediately popular because it manages to be traditional yet modern, and Apple Season Wedding hits the spot too. You can stitch both Apple Tree and Apple Season Wedding for a young couple, as a housewarming gift or to celebrate a special anniversary.

With lots of weddings taking place now, you may receive multiple invitations. How exciting, and it’s so nice to have a special occasion to stitch for! Apple Season Wedding is the solution if you have more than one special occasion to stitch for in the near future. If you’ve already stitched Apple Tree Wedding you can enjoy stitching two similar yet different tapestries.

Seen side by side, our two Apple Season Wedding cushions illustrate the difference of having a cushion made up with or without an extra border.

We used a lovely rich Maroon velvet JRP09 for piping and backing on Catherine and Emily’s Apple Season Wedding. This is our standard making up, ie piping and backing but no extra border. The Maroon velvet looks great and we have many other shades of velvet for you to choose from if you’d like velvet for your tapestry.

For Alex and George we added a 2″ mitred border, with heathery Truffle ANTQ03 cotton for border and backing and Harbour CBL01 piping as contrast. We have a great selection of cotton fabric options if you like a clean fresh look to your tapestry.

Each of these cushions looks gorgeous in its own right. We do hope you’ve noticed the squirrel and pheasant that we’ve added in the lower border of Apple Season. Incidentally, the dark colour in the background of the squirrel and pheasant panel is a very dark grey rather than a black, in keeping with the mellow autumnal feel of the colours.

How to decide whether to have an extra border or standard making up? There is no right or wrong. Deciding to have an extra border or not depends on the size of your sofa or favourite chair, or on the space available in your newlyweds’ home…or quite simply which option you prefer.

Below are our two Apple Tree Wedding cushions, once again demonstrating the different look of the border or standard making up options.

You can read more about how the initial design Apple Tree Wedding design developed here on our Apple Tree Wedding blog post. On the Apple Tree blog post we go into more detail with design size and we show the charts and a lot of sketchbook stages on the way to the final design.

Thank you for stopping by, and we hope you’re enjoying some cosy autumn stitching time.

Kelly x

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