Happy Customers

Forever proud

“At the end of last year, you made up a cushion for me with the tapestry that I completed 8 years ago (!) and I was amazed with the final results. Thank you so much for performing a miracle and turning my first attempt at tapestry into something that I’ll be forever proud of.”

BN, Surrey

Lovely cushions

“The cushions arrived today and they are lovely, better than I expected as I worried that they were too out of shape. The backing suits them well. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

SR, Fife

Helpful instructions

“My order arrived safely. I am delighted with the stocking and hope to finish it in time for the make up deadline. Your instructions are very helpful, particulary those for planning the name.”

RB, Surrey

Beautifully made up

“Just wanted to… say a big thanks for the African Tiles cushion. As always it is beautifully made up and I just adore the colour and material which sets it all off so beautifully…”

KS, Beds

So glad I sent them to you

“Thank you for returning my tapestries, they arrived yesterday & look great! I’m really happy with the colour of piping & backings.  So glad I sent them to you to be made into cushions rather then leaving them unfinished in a cupboard!

ED, by email


“Little George is only 7 months old, so not really in a position to appreciate his stocking, but his parents were both thrilled, and it wil be a part of the family Christmas for many years to come!”


Loving it

“I’m doing Jolly Hearts at the mo’ and loving it. Also bought a beginner starter kit for a friend… Watch out for new orders, they have got the ‘Jolly Red’ bug like me. I sooo want to do the heart and daisy cushions later on for my two daughters…”

CM, by email

Happy customer for many years

“I have been one of your happy customers for many years. I have made several of your cross stitches for newborn babies… I really love your designs and haven’t found anything remotely as stylish anywhere else!”

EB, Sweden

Absolutely gorgeous heirlooms

“…thank you so much for the beautiful finishing of the stockings for my daughters – it has turned two lovely tapestries into two absolutely gorgeous heirlooms to be treasured.”

SK, London


“My husband is always showing off the ‘Magic Circles’ cushion with the dark grey backing to guests. He thinks your choice of the grey was inspired. I’ve never seen him so enthusiastic about one of my cushions before!”

KB, York

Absolutely delighted

“Just want to let you know my stocking arrived safely this morning. I’m absolutely delighted with it – love the purple velvet!
My little granddaughter will be too, she’s watched me stitch it over quite a long period of time. Thanks again for a lovely tapestry and great service.”

MF, Ireland