I like February. There, I’ve said it. I’m probably one of the few people to have uttered those words as our shortest month seems to make everyone else who comments on it either fed up, impatient or cross. Usually the negative feelings are accompanied by a longing for spring but to this I’d say to that spring will come in its own good time so there’s no need to wish for it. Enjoy February’s dark mornings, dramatic skies, and cold temperatures.

If spring is the big party to which everyone’s invited, February is the hours before the party when you’re getting ready. There’s that feeling of hopeful expectation, and it deserves to be savoured and enjoyed.

I’ve been going out and walking quite a bit this month, often not far from our HQ which limits me in both time and daylight hours, but that’s all part of the fun. I can’t believe that Jolly Red has been in Isle Brewers for almost nine years and I’m still discovering new footpaths in the village. A great thing about February is that gaps in hedges are more easily visible, and there to be explored.

The snowdrops in Isle Brewers are still looking great, sitting modestly in quiet little clumps by the river and in the churchyard. There are big banks of them too by the mill.


Earlier this week I went out on an hour’s walk with a friend, catching the last hour of the day’s light. The sky was so dramatic and quite different depending on which direction we looked in. Turn one way for a hint of sunset…

Isle Brewers sky

…and another for brighter skies and a golden river bank.

Isle Brewers river

oak tree

We came upon this lovely building, and it was as though we’d gone back in time. It was so peaceful and quiet.


On the way back to the workshop, we found a stile that we hadn’t seen before – the starting point for a future adventure!

Isle Brewers stile

In February it feels as though time is standing still, but from March onwards once the daffodils take the place of the snowdrops the pace of everything starts to quicken.

Lovely February…if only we could have a few more days of it!