Our owl-themed Christmas stocking kits are available in each of our two Christmas stocking shapes. First, we have the larger Owls stocking, measuring 19″ x 14″ (48cm x 36cm) at tallest/widest points and then there are their smaller friends the Woodland Owls, measuring 16″ x 12″ (41cm x 30cm) at tallest/widest points) in the boot shape.

The designs are equally adorable, with a cosy festive scene of the nestling owls and robin in their oak tree being visited by their woodland friends on Christmas Eve.

If you’ve already stitched one of the owls Christmas stockings, it’s time to consider the options for backing fabric so today we present lots of possibilities for you to consider.

A plea before posting: If you’ll be sending your completed tapestry to us for our Making up Service, please resist the temptation to trim the canvas down once you’ve finished stitching – the extra canvas is useful for stretching.

Here are three perfect examples of Owls tapestries with plenty of border left all around: Jack and Helen’s Woodland Owls and Gaia’s Owls stockings:

Owls and Woodland Owls Christmas stockings, ready for their backings 

Each of our two Owls Christmas stocking kits uses exactly the same colour wool, so will naturally suit the same fabric and colours for backings and linings.

Red is always a popular Christmas colour. Florian’s Owls has been made up in red cotton JRCR01 while Eleanor’s Owls is in raspberry red velvet JRP03.

Owls tapestries with lovely name panels, including a starry one

For a different look, Rozzy’s Owls stocking has Lincoln green velvet (JRG02) for border, backing and hanging loop with blue dotty lining (JRD06).

Perhaps you fancy moving away from traditional Christmas colours or red, blue and green? Edwin’s Owls look wonderful with orange velvet (JRY03) on the outside, and turquoise lining, and extra twinkly stars in his name panel.

Exciting colour combinations for these two Owls stockings

Lincoln green velvet (JRG02) is a very popular choice for the Owls stockings, and this year we’ve seen quite a few in this gorgeous green!

Owls Christmas stockings, in Lincoln green velvet

Red velvet JRP04 works well, and is picked up nicely by the red heart in the middle of the name panel of this Owls stocking:

Unusual name panel 

We are often asked if there’s room for a long name on our Christmas stocking kits. Catherine’s Woodland Owls and Jonathan’s Owls demonstrate very well that there’s plenty of space!

Catherine’s Woodland Owls has bottle green velvet JRG03 for border and backing, with dotty lime lining, JRD01. Ralph’s Owls has royal blue velvet, JRB04, and Jonathan’s is made up in a denim-style cotton fabric that we’ll be getting more of early in 2019. Call us, or email kelly@jollyred.co.uk if you’ll need the fabric code for this one – and to check it’s in stock.

Lots of room for a long name. Alphabet and instructions are provided with each kit.

Moving on, a lovely board of Woodland Owls Christmas stockings. Isn’t it amazing how similar yet different they each look with their various multi-coloured name panels!

Blue, green and red borders for Hilary, Eli, Reuben, Helen.

Eleanor’s Owls stocking has a raspberry red border and hanging loop, JRP03. Each of the owls represents a member of the family, and Chrissie cleverly squeezed in an extra baby owl too!

Five owls, each with a family initial.

A table top of festive owls, ready to fly home for Christmas.

A jolly parliament of Owls!

We look forward to seeing the Christmas stockings that you completed in 2018, or are working on now. And remember that it’s never too early to start stitching for next Christmas! F

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Currently on the drawing board is a Noah’s Ark stocking in the longer shape, so watch out for news of that one when it’s ready.

Happy stitching, and we wish you a happy and healthy New Year!


PS Canvas only option If you are a prolific stitcher and have built up a huge mountain of wool over the years, you can order the printed canvas and charts on their own, and stitch your way through your wools. Take a look here for more information.

PPS The new making up deadline for us to receive tapestries and guarantee to send them back in time for Christmas (UK customers) is now 20th October.

Why is this? Until now the cut-off date has been 31st October but each year quite a few tapestries arrive after that date.

Each tapestry that comes in needs to be stretched which involves dampening it to make the canvas more pliable, and allowing it to dry completely before stretching it back into shape. All of this needs to happen before any sewing can begin. The drying time is much longer in damp weather. We anticipate increases in the numbers of canvases we receive each year so we hope that the new 20th October deadline this will avoid the annual last-minute rush which is stressful for us sending and for anyone waiting for their special parcel.

This year we were also reminded that at some time during December we tend to get a lot of rain here in Somerset, so there’s always the possibility of the dreaded flooding to consider. We always have a few days when parcels can’t be collected because Royal Mail and/or DPD can’t get to our workshop.

The main thing is that everyone wants to have their tapestry back well before Christmas Eve if possible and we like making that happen. With your help we’re sure we can!