…and Arts and Crafts Tiles! Today we’ll take a look at some of the fabric options for Arts and Crafts Owls and its partner tapestry, Arts and Crafts Tiles.

If you’re about to send in a finished canvas for our Making up Service, it’s hard to know which colour – or even which kind of fabric – you’d like for the piping and backing of your tapestry.

We’ll start by looking at some of the green options as green is often chosen as a reliable/neutral colour that will work in most interiors and won’t fight with any of the colours in the tapestry. It’s also a colour that should hold its own with future sofa/decorative changes.

June chose two shades of our woolly fabric for her Arts and Crafts Owls, Bottle Green JRWG05 for piping and Spinach JRWG02 for backing.

As you can see from the Arts and Crafts Tiles below June’s Owls, these design also looks great in green velvet – here Pale Green JRG01 piping and Bottle Green JRG03 backing.

cushion with owls and birds

Next, we have Arts and Crafts Owls with bottle green velvet for piping (top left) and pale grey velvet backing. To the right, Arts and Crafts Tiles has grey cotton piping and backing.

Here are our woolly green fabric options. Spinach JRWG02 and Bottle Green JRWG05 are probably the most suited to the colours in Arts and Crafts Owls and Tiles.

Top tip: Please quote the relevant names and/or shade codes if you can when you send in your tapestry for making up. This can help us to speed up the return of your tapestry as it’ll save a lot of back and forth emails!

More greens now, in velvet:

green velvet fabric

Nicola chose really unusual contrasting colours for her Arts and Crafts Owls, with a bright blue border for piping and terracotta backing. She also included the name and date of birth of the lucky recipient!

As well as Nicola’s Owls, there are two more ideas – again with contrast piping, in greens and gold.

Looking at our golds and terracottas in our woolly fabric, you’ll see the funky Pumpkin JRWY03 which we used for Nicola’s Owls.


We have a lovely range of velvets in gold/terracotta/brown shades:

velvets gold

Gold and red are often chosen together, so consider a gold piping if you want a contrast piping but still like the idea of red for the backing of your tapestry…although red looks great on its own too.

Here are the colours and codes for all of our red woolly fabric:

Red cotton fabric, below. Raspberry JRCR03 is a great shade for many of our designs including Arts and Crafts Tiles and Owls.

the red velvets, we venture over into purples but you might consider Heather JRP05 or Maroon JRP09.

velvet fabric

If you decide that you’d like a really neutral shade, we have plenty to choose from in our cotton fabrics, see below.

We made up this Arts and Crafts Tiles with Biscuit JRBC01 for piping and backing. It acts as a sophisticated contrast to the main colours in the design, while linking beautifully with the background shade of the fruit and flower ‘Tiles’ in the border.

Here are the cottons, a lovely selection:

Mitred border? Finally, there is always the option to add an extra border to your Arts and Crafts tapestry if you’d like your finished cushion to be a little larger. Here we see two completely different colourways each in velvet fabric.

Top: 2″ bottle green border with maroon/raspberry red piping and backing, then below it a raspberry red border (2″ again) with light blue piping and backing.

As always when we feature designs on our blog, the pictures here are only a tiny selection of the ones that we’ve made up in our Somerset workshop. We have many more examples of completed Arts and Crafts Owls and other tapestry kits in our range on Jolly Red’s Facebook page, so do take a look if you’re on Facebook.

We’d always love seeing pictures of your completed tapestries at home, so please do send any photographs for inclusion in our ‘Your tapestries at home’ Facebook Album.

Happy stitching! We look forward to adding the finishing touch to your next tapestry.

Kelly and the Jolly Red ladies x

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