First of all…yes we are working! We are still posting kits and tapestry frames, and Royal Mail is still bringing your canvases to us. If you are using your time at home to stitch we can make up your finished tapestry, and perhaps even provide you with your next project if you’ve got the needlepoint bug!

Every now and then we like to put one of our designs in the spotlight. Today we’re looking at Alphabet Ark, such a popular tapestry kit to stitch for a new baby or for a child’s birthday. It’s an enchanting and timeless design, with an alphabet and numbers border, and featuring a wide variety of animals from sheep and rabbits through to zebras and elephants, as well as the ark itself and Mr & Mrs Noah and, of course, a dove.

As with many of our designs, a little Jack Russell finds his place among the other animals. We do like a little Jack!

Over the years we have seen so many completed Alphabet Ark tapestries, but we can only look at a fraction of them today. We hope they’ll give you ideas and inspiration if you’re unsure about colours to use for your name panel, as well as ideas of colours for piping and backing if you’ll be sending in your finished tapestry for our Making up Service.

Blues are popular choices for Alphabet Ark, so let’s start with tapestries that have blue backings. Matthew’s Alphabet Ark has a very jolly name panel, with red used for both his name and date of birth.

We used Denim JRWB06 for piping and backing of Matthew’s tapestry. Our wool mix range of fabric is very sturdy and a good practical choice for an Alphabet Ark or other birth sampler pillow.

On to Barnaby’s cushion, which has his name stitched in two shades of blue and grey from the elephants for his date of birth.

Again, we used Denim JRWB06 for backing and a light grey (Heron JRWG01) for piping.

TIP! If you’re sending your tapestry to us for making up, you can choose to either have one colour for piping and backing, or have two contrasting or coordinating colours.

Not quite sure about that? Let’s see: the two Alphabet Arks below each have Charcoal JRWG04 piping. For backing the top one has JRWB06, and for the lower one we used the brighter Turqoise JRWB04.

Perhaps the baby or child you’re stitching for has a grey nursery? Here are our grey woollies, from light grey Heron JRWG01 through to Black JRWG05:

On to Theo’s Alphabet Ark, with a multi-coloured name panel with extra sky blue hearts.

We used Bright Lime JRWG01 for piping for Theo’s cushion, with Turquoise JRWB04 for backing.

Blue and green again, this time with Heidi Rose’s name panel – emerald for her name, and turquoise for her date of birth.

More green woollies here, from Bright Lime JRWG01 through to Bottle Green JRWG05:

Oscar’s Alphabet Ark, below:

We used Charcoal JRWG04 for piping for Oscar’s cushion, and a green for backing:

Cleo’s Alphabet Ark had unusual colours for her lettering, with her name in pale lime- we’ll call it ‘olive’ green as it’s here with Noah’s Ark – and her date of birth in mid blue.

We used Berry JRWR06 red woolly fabric for piping and backing of Cleo’s cushion, which incidentally is pictured below alongside a Seaside Sampler which we made up using our range of cotton fabric.

Click here to see the full range of cotton colours. It doesn’t have identical shades to those in the woolly range, but as you can see there are some very nice colours, and the finish is a textured linen look, very smart and crisp.

Imogen’s Alphabet Ark had a lovely red name and date of birth.

We used Red JRWR06 for backing, and Old Gold JRWY01 for piping. Gold and red are used together on lots of our tapestries, in our woolly range, our cottons and our velvets too.

Here are our reds, and it’s worth noting at this point that we don’t have a ‘proper’ pink in the woolly fabric, but we have good ones in the cotton and velvet ranges.

And our woolly range from Old Gold JRWY01 through to the terracottas and ending with Copper Beech JRWY06.

Finally, you may decide that you’d like us to add a extra fabric border around your finished Alphabet Ark tapestry. It’s entirely up to you.

Here’s Joshua’s cushion to show you how it looks with an extra border:

We used Navy JRWB05 for Joshua’s border, and Denim JRWB06 for backing, with contrast piping in bright red, JRWR01.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this wonderful collection of Alphabet Ark tapestries, and that you’re inspired to start stitching or pick up a tapestry that you may have neglected for a while.

If you have a new arrival due later this year, now is a good time to start stitching, particularly if you’re spending a lot of time at home right now. Alphabet Ark is always a good choice for a boy or girl, and you needn’t concern yourself too much about the baby’s name yet as you can leave the personalised panel until the baby is born.

Do give us a call on 01460 281111 if you need any help or advice about any of our kits or our Making up Service. We’re happy to help if we can.

Stay safe and keep washing your hands! It’ll all be worth it in the end when we can see friends and family again, and go out to all our favourite places.


PS If you’ll be sending a tapestry to us in the near future, do take a look at Royal Mail’s website for the latest news on sending parcels, which includes advice on paying your postage online.