Fabric choices for your Christmas stocking

July 11th 2018

It’s mid-July, the official start of Christmas stocking season in our topsy-turvy tapestry world. We receive Jolly Redders’ stitched stockings all year for our Making up Service, but from July onwards the pace really picks up.

If you’ve just finished a festive masterpiece, the chances are that you’re keen to post it as quickly as you can, or get in the car and bring it into us if you’re in or around Somerset. But hold on a second! Before you reach for that jiffy bag and head out we’d really appreciate it if you could decide on the colours and fabric that you’d like for your stocking BEFORE it’s on its way to us.

Essentially you have to decide on two fabrics for your tapestry:

An outer fabric (either velvet or cotton) which will be used as the ‘binding’ around your stocking, and will also be the hanging loop at the top. This same fabric will also be used for the back of the stocking.

A cotton lining fabric, either plain or polka dot. incidentally, we include a layer of wadding between both the front and the back of each Christmas stocking.

We have assembled boards of some of the most popular Christmas stocking fabrics to help you to decide on colours and fabric for both the outside and lining of your Christmas stocking. Each fabric shade has been given its own reference code to avoid confusion. We have other colours available too but to keep things simple, we’re sticking mainly to the traditional shades as we know from experience that these are by far the most popular colours that are used for the stockings.

A note about different screens/devices Please note that there may be slight variations in colours when viewed on different devices. If in doubt, get in touch.

Here goes!

Outer fabric – Velvets 

We use a really good quality cotton velvet to make up the Christmas stockings. Blues, greens and reds are the most popular shades, with two regal purples and a fuchsia for good measure. Choose from the three velvet boards below.

Blues, velvet

We have a lovely selection of blues, from Denim JRB01 (great for Silent Night and Dreaming of Christmas), through to greeny blue Ocean JRB02 (works well with Noah), to the cheerful Royal Blue (good for Cats and Dogs stocking), and finally to Navy JRB05, which is often chosen for Angels stocking.

Greens, velvet

Pale Green JRG01 is not an obvious Christmas colour, but the other greens are fine in particular Lincoln Green JRG02, and Bottle Green JRG03, our most popular green for the stockings. Bottle green is used a lot for Santa Stocking and Christmas Alphabet.  Mid Green JRG04 is a gentler green and is good for Toy Box in particular.

Purples and reds, velvet

Finally, we have purples and reds. Purple JRP06 and Mauve JRP05 are both great colours. The two reds create a different feel for your Christmas stocking, with Bright Red JRP04 being a lot more vibrant than Raspberry Red JRP03.

Fuchsia JRP02 and Pale Pink JRP01are sometimes used for girls’ stockings, in particular Christmas Love Hearts. Rose JRP07 is a new addition to our velvet range.

Outer fabric – Cottons

If you are a bit nervous about the idea of using velvet to back your Christmas stocking, one of the fabrics from our cotton range may be a better idea. The fabric is a really nice weight, with a good texture to it. The variety of colours is more limited than with the velvets, but there are good reds, a navy and a bottle green which as we mentioned earlier are always the most popular Christmas colours.

Reds, cotton

In the reds, popular colours are bright red Robin JRCR01, and the darker Raspberry JRCR03.

Greens, cotton

Of all the green cottons we stock, Bottle Green JRCG06 is the one that is the most popular for Christmas stockings.

Blues, cotton

Finally, onto the blues. There’s a clear winner in the Christmas popularity stakes – Navy JRCB06. This shade is another great all-rounder as it works with any of our Christmas stockings.

Halfway there! Now to choose the lining colour…

Lining fabric, plain

By far the most popular colours for stocking linings are Bright Red JRL02 and Dark Red JRL07, Dark Blue JRL06 and Green JRL08. These shades are always in stock in our Somerset workshop.

Shades do vary from time to time, but we always try to keep both a bright and a dark red in stock for use with the Christmas designs. Very occasionally a lining colour may be out of stock because of seasonal demands, so please also choose a second option for lining colour if you can.

Until last year we had difficulty in locating a regular supply of turquoise lining, but our new supplier has been wonderful. We now have a lovely turquoise, which works very well on many of our stockings, particularly Fairytale, Puppies or either of the two Owls stockings.

Lining fabric – dotty

If you prefer a dotty lining, then choose from one below:

We hope this makes your fabric decisions a little easier. Before we go, a few pictures of customer Christmas stockings that we have made up in the past, starting with Teresa’s Evergreen and Poppy’s Christmas Love Hearts:

On to a table of stockings, and a reminder that we have some other colours available too – note Harry’s Fairytale Christmas stocking with its orange edging and hanging loop.

And it’s over to Flik the Jack Russell. We love how he found a place on our Silent Night stocking. He looks so cute, with his “is it dinner time yet?” look on his face.

We have made up many stockings over the years, and have created albums for each of them on Jolly Red’s Facebook Page. For more fabric inspiration, you might like to take a look there too.

That’s it for now. Happy stitching if you’re starting or finishing a Christmas stocking over the summer months. We look forward to seeing them arrive at our workshop. The quicker they arrive, the sooner you’ll have them back!

Any other questions, please do get in touch. We’re always happy to help,


PS Our absolute-really-no-kidding deadline to receive Christmas stockings for our Making up Service is October 20th. 









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