We are delighted to present Camel Trek, a fantastic new partner tapestry for our very popular Camelcade. Finally we can solve the mystery of where our original camels were heading – it was to meet up with their friends!

We photographed our Camel Trek canvas (left) alongside Mike’s Camelcade as his camels were with us to be made into a cushion:

Another way to look at the two camel designs in their entirety is to see the canvases, so here they are.

First, Camelcade:

…and new Camel Trek, below. We’ve had requests for a partner for Camelcade and initially it was tempting just to reverse the original design, but that always seems like a bit of a quick fix solution. We changed the direction of the original camels, then fiddled around creating various new borders for the top and bottom before deciding that the lotus flowers borders needed to stay, with only subtle changes.

We’ve used the same colours throughout for Camel Trek, and have also introduced a dusky pink.

We won’t ask you to spot the differences in the two designs, as there are quite a few and some of them are very subtle indeed. We hope you’ll agree that Camelcade and Camel Trek make a fine pair of tapestries – perfect to stitch for two separate armchairs, or to have on either end of your favourite sofa.

A while ago we wrote about fabrics that work well if you’re thinking about having a Camelcade tapestry made into a cushion. We have good colours for the camels across our cotton, woolly and velvet ranges so have a read if you’d like some extra inspiration while you stitch Camel Trek.

That’s all for now. Have a lovely weekend, whether you’re basking in the sunshine or retreating to the shade.

Best wishes, and happy stitching.


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