Buying a printed tapestry canvas on its own

November 19th 2017

We are often asked by prolific stitchers if it’s possible to buy a Jolly Red tapestry canvas on its own (ie a printed canvas minus the wool that comes with the complete kit). Easy answer: yes, it is!

We’ve been offering this as an option for a while now whenever customers call up and mention their yarn stashes. It’s so easy (and enjoyable) to accumulate wool and I have hundreds full of part-used skeins in baskets and filling almost an entire chest of drawers. It’s great to have it nearby when working on new designs!

I’m sure I’m not alone. Who doesn’t have at least one bag or drawer in their house that looks like this…


How to order a printed canvas online Our fantastic new website makes the process very straightforward. Just start to order the complete kit of your chosen design, then when you get to the checkout fill in your name and address, then enter the code canvas in the discount/coupon box. The price of the kit will then be automatically halved and we will send you the printed canvas for you to stitch in colours of your choice, working your way through your wool stash.

Ordering by phone
If you’d prefer, you can phone us on 01460 281111 with your order and we’ll do it that way.

We have a Printed Canvas Only area on our new website, with many canvases specially designed to help you to use up leftover wool. You don’t need to use a code when ordering any canvases in this area of our website, just order them as they are.

Will the lettering and dates charts be included?

If you order a canvas that doesn’t need a name panel you will get the colour printed canvas only. If you order a canvas for a birth sampler or Christmas Stocking, or the canvas for any design where there is normally a name panel to complete you will receive the colour printed canvas and the alphabet/lettering charts as would be included in the complete kit.

Rozzy had a chart included with her canvas only order for her A-Z Boys canvas. She personalised some of the squares – for instance ‘J’ has changed from ‘judo’ to ‘juggler’, and used her own colours, below:


How can I order a mixture of full kits and canvas only kits?

Unfortunately our system doesn’t allow for mixed orders of complete kits and canvas only, because once you insert the ‘canvas’ code it’s applied to all items in your basket. We are working on a way round this and will let you know if we make a breakthrough. For now, you will need to order canvas only and full kits separately (unless the canvas only is from our Printed Canvas Only area in which no code is needed). If this all seems too much, please give us a call on 01460 281111 and we’ll process your order over the phone.

I hope you’ll find this useful. If you have lots of leftover wool you might be wondering which design to go for. From previous conversations with Jolly Redders I’d recommend designs such as Magic Circles or Jolly Hearts which are quite patterned so you don’t need lots of skeins of one single shade. Do take a look in the Printed Canvas Only area of our website too – remember, no code needed for those canvases.

Here are some other customer masterpieces, starting with Hilmary’s Summer Patchwork. Hilmary replaced Summer Patchwork’s vibrant colours for a more subdued palette.


Judy made some very subtle changes with her Autumn Leaves canvas:


We loved Meem’s purple Carnival tapestry:


Side view of Meem’s Carnival, made into a cushion with orange velvet piping and purple backing.

Carnival, orange piping and purple backing

Staying with the bold colours, Jane’s Magic Flowers tapestry:

Magic Flowers in Jane's colours

…and seen on the side, made into a cushion with gold velvet piping and maroon backing.

Magic Flowers side view

If you still have little bits of wool left over and can’t bear to throw out even the odd metre of wool, now’s the perfect time to settle down with the children or grandchildren, cut out some felt shapes for Christmas decorations and use your woolly bits to stitch over the top or to blanket stitch the edges. 

Happy stitching!

















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Kind words from happy customers

Louise, Essex

"My cushion has arrived and I am really thrilled with it. Thank you so much." - Louise, Essex

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