If you are a keen stitcher, it’s easy to amass a lot of spare wool from your tapestry projects.

What’s to be done with all that wool – long bits, short bits, and the occasional whole skein? Well, one way of having fun and using some of it up is to buy the printed canvas only from a Jolly Red kit, i.e. the printed canvas that we’d normally supply in the kit but not the wool.

Many of our designs lend themselves to being stitched with wool mountain yarn, and Magic Circles is the one that we most frequently see in our workshop for making up.

What to do if you’d like to order the printed canvas but not the wool We used to ask you to use the word ‘canvas’ at the checkout, but there’s been some confusion with that in recent months. The new and unambiguous code to use now is: ‘nowoolthankyou‘. We think that’s nice and clear.

How to order You can call us on 01460 281111 to order a canvas, or order online on our website if you prefer. Let’s examine the website option.

Once on Jolly Red website, simply choose the kit you’d like to use for all your wool, and start ordering as if you are ordering the complete kit, with wool.

Below (apologies for the image quality) you can see a Magic Circles kit being ordered in this way with its full price visible…

…but here’s the important bit. Look at what happens if the magic word nowoolthankyou is used in the appropriate box – the price of the kit is halved and we’ll know to send you the printed canvas but not the wool.

If the design you order normally has a chart for lettering such as a birth sampler, a wedding, or a Christmas stocking, we’ll make sure we include the necessary alphabets and planning instructions with your canvas.

To inspire you, here are some wonderful tapestries that Jolly Redders have stitched in their own unique colour palettes, starting with Gillian’s Magic Circles:

Magic Flowers is in the same format as Magic Circles, another great choice:

Then there’s Beautiful World, seen here in slightly more muted tones than our own version, with a lovely soft terracotta background:

Beautiful World own colours

Our Jumpin’ Jack Cats normally have a green background, but that’s not for these chaps!

Top tip If you only want to change a background colour, we can help with that. Give us a call on 01460 281111 to discuss if this is something you’re considering.

We really liked Penny’s Arts and Crafts Owls tapestry, with a complete colour change and lots of added lettering. We’re sure there wasn’t a boat in our original design!

Penny's A C Owls

Perhaps little red hens are your thing, as with Stephen and his Chick Chick Chicken teacosy:

If you’re looking for a smaller project, Alhambra Stars is a good choice. We made Margaret’s up into a bag, big enough for her to take A4 folders to meetings:

Finally, Mary’s Birds in a Tree which she stitched to coordinate with the colours in her living room:

Top tip! This time of year is often when people start to stitch Christmas stockings. If you’ve already done some for family and friends and have kept your left over wool, you could combine it all to stitch one of this year’s stockings.

Just remember the magic new word: nowoolthankyou.

Best wishes as always – and happy stitching!

Kelly x

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