Hello tapestry friends! It’s now really easy for you to order a Jolly Red printed tapestry canvas on its own (minus the wool). You no longer need to use a special code as we have added an official and very smart ‘Canvas Only’ option for each kit on our website.

Shown below is how the updated category pages on our website look, with two prices displayed underneath each kit. The first price is the price of the printed canvas on its own, and the other price is the price of the full kit with all the wool.

canvas or full kit option

Once you click on a tapestry that you’d like you’ll be presented with a drop-down menu box, giving you the option to order either a complete kit or a printed canvas on its own.

Here’s Magic Circles to show you how the new ordering option works:

Buying a canvas on its own

This is great news for prolific stitchers! Buying a printed canvas but no wool is perfect for prolific stitchers who have amassed a wool mountain after stitching lots of our kits.

Top tip As an example, perhaps you’ve stitched a Christmas stocking tapestry kit for your first grandchildren, or children of friends and family…or for your pets (Christmas is for them too!). You then hear news of a new baby. Why not pool all your wool from earlier projects together in a festive basket of woolly fun and order your next Christmas stocking project as a canvas on its own, minus the wool?

The new way to order a printed canvas on its own is so much simpler, and there are other benefits too:

  1. Mixed orders, ie tapestry kits and canvas only options. You can now order complete kits and printed canvases together. It’s so much simpler!
  2. Loyalty codes If you have a valid discount code from a recent tapestry order, enter the Loyalty Voucher code at the checkout after you’ve chosen your kits/canvases and the discount will be applied.

Kits with alphabets If your chosen design is one of our kits with alphabets so comes with an additional alphabet and numbers chart, these charts and instructions will still be included in canvas only orders.

We also include the black and white symbols chart of the design itself, which stitchers sometimes like to refer to while stitching more complex areas of designs.

Background colour If you have lots of single skeins of wool to use up, but not enough skeins of needed for a background colour of a design such as Tree of Life or Townhouse Night, call us on 01460 281111 or contact us by email and we’ll be able to send you the background colour that you need. We keep good stocks of most shades of Anchor wool.

We do hope you’ll enjoy ordering your next tapestry or printed canas only now that it’s so easy to order.

Best wishes and happy stitching,

Kelly x

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