Hello! What a month May has been so far. We’ve had more than our fair share of rain, but some welcome hints of summer to let the fields dry out a bit.

Last week, many people in the UK were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights, what a treat that must have been! Sadly, I was not among the lucky folk who witnessed the rare light show last Friday. On the Saturday, there was a quiet air of expectation as my neighbours and I sat out late in our gardens and watched…er…nothing. Well, there’ll be another time, maybe!

Oh well, not to worry. With our wide horizons, one thing we do enjoy in Somerset all year round is spectacular sunsets. It’s always a pleasure to sit out in the garden at the end of the day and watch the sun go down while listening to the evening birdsong on the moors.

Funnily enough, I photographed our new Sunset Garden tapestry along with Tulip Time last Friday, thinking that the light was gorgeous – but completely unaware that it would have been even better had I stuck around for another six hours or so!

Sunset Garden joins Wildflower Meadow and Moonlight Garden to create a lovely trio of kits to stitch for yourself or as gifts for friends. Julie, our specs case maker upper lady, has been very busy in the last year since we started increasing our range of tapestry kits that can be made into either cushions, bags or specs cases. We have also added to the many lining colours available as our range increases, so you are spoilt for choice if you send your tapestry to us for making up.

Click on the image to see Sunset Garden, Moonlight Garden and Wildflower Meadow all together on our website.

Kit contents Sunset Garden’s is proudly displaying its kit contents. We are very generous with our supply of Anchor wool in our kits and supply enough for you to stitch all Jolly Red designs in tent stitch, not just half cross stitch.

Canvas only option If you’re thinking that you have lots of wool to use up so need the canvas only, that’s fine too. We can even supply specific shades of wool, such as the heathery background shade. Just contact us to let us know what you need, and we’ll take it from there.

Newsletter subscribers will know that we recently brought out another new floral tapestry kit, Tulip Time. Two completed Tulip Time canvases have already arrived in the workshop from speedy stitchers. One is to make into a cushion with a wide velvet border, and the other to make into a specs case.

Tulip Time is slightly larger than Sunset Garden so can be used as a case for sunglasses and for some mobile phones too. Until now, we’ve tended to think of our specs case designs as being used primarily for reading glasses, but we realise that they have more uses – everyone loves a handstitched tapestry!

TIP If you need to enlarge a specs case canvas to be able to fit a large mobile phone, stitch some stripes down the sides with your leftover wool. Remember to allow for a bit of wiggle room, particularly if you’ll be adding a layer of wadding between the tapestry and its lining fabric.

Coming soon We will be adding more designs to join Tulip Garden and are very excited about the next one which will feature rainbows. Watch this space, as well as our social media and our email newsletter.

Happy stitching, and we wish you a very merry second half of May!

Kelly x

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