What a wonderful response we’ve had to our new retro floral design, Ba-Ba-Bloom. Thank you so much for your orders, comments and all-round enthusiasm. This really is the floral design you’ve been waiting for!

We are so pleased with the design, which resulted from many attempts at getting the right flower shapes and sizes, and the right spacing between. The colours seem to be bang on trend too – all those lovely greys, charcoal, oranges, zingy lime and yellow, which will look fabulous on a grey sofa or in a largely white interior.

From a stitching point of view, Ba-Ba-Bloom tapestry is a wonderful design to stitch at your own relaxed pace, either at home or away on holiday. The stylised flowers aren’t too detailed, and there are nice areas of plain grey and off white, for those times when you really don’t want to be changing your wool colour too often.

Off to sit in the garden, or by the pool for a few hours? Pour yourself a drink,  grab a few skeins of grey or ecru and fill in between the flowers. Perfect! Looking ahead, Ba-Ba-Bloom would be great to stitch during Wimbledon fortnight, as we know that many of you love your tapestry and your tennis.

We’ve been busy in the workshop and have sent out the first Ba-Ba-Bloom kits. We’re expecting a second batch of canvases and lots more wool to arrive any day now.

We made up our own Ba-Ba-Bloom cushion using the charcoal grey wool blend fabric, third from the left in the picture below. You can see that we have fabulous coordinating fabric in our wool blend range. One word though, the yellow is slightly more of a ‘Colman’s mustard’ than it appears here.

We hope you’ll enjoy stitching your tapestry. Let us know if you’d like us to make it into a cushion and we’ll send you some fabric samples.

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